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Transparent agreements on rates and conditions that work for you – this will enable your organisation to benefit from immediate, significant savings on business travel. VCK Travel makes sure that contracts are in line with your travel policy and will always go for the best rates. And in doing so, we look much further than just rates and discount percentages. 

Making travel expenses transparent

For many organisations it is quite a challenge to make their cost structures transparent. They often focus only on specific parts of the costs, such as the discount percentages offered by hotels or the handling fees of travel agents. Nevertheless, such agreements are often much more complex than they seem at first.

For example, price agreements made with hotel chains often fail to take into account the average availability of specific hotels. And the agreed handling fee may be low, but if you still need to pay a considerable commission to your travel agent, you end up paying a price that is actually too high.

VCK Travel makes travel expenses transparent in advance, so you will never be faced with an expensive surprise.

More insight with Total Cost of Travel

VCK Travel supports its customers by mapping out the Total Cost of Travel. This is a new, ground-breaking procurement model that is unique in the Dutch travel industry.

VCK Travel’s approach is to make a complete scan of your total travel costs. We will then compare the results with the results of scans of similar organisations. We will check the differences and sort out where we can achieve procurement benefits. Subsequently, VCK Travel can negotiate on your behalf with organisations such as:

  • Airlines
  • Hotel chains
  • Railway companies
  • Car rental companies

Our extensive experience in initiating, managing and implementing procurement projects ensures the best possible discounts and other procurement benefits.

Start saving now

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