Which booking concept works best for you?

VCK Travel fully meets your organisation’s specific requirements using a broad range of advanced business travel solutions. Your organisation can choose from three different booking concepts:

Whatever your wishes, there will always be a concept that works best for you.

Making your own bookings: online or mobile

VCK Travel offers an innovative online booking system: AirGo. This system makes it very easy for customers to make their own flight reservations online or on their smartphone or tablet. The system gives a quick overview of the best rates for more than 63,000 hotels, more than 50 car rental companies, and airline tickets of almost all global carriers (including low-cost carriers, such as Ryanair, easyJet and Transavia). No need to search multiple pages, so you save a lot of time.

All bookings are included in the management reporting. You can also integrate your organisation’s travel policy into the system, or any special price agreements with suppliers. When you make a booking, the system will automatically take this into account.

Full outsourcing: very easy

For optimum convenience or more complex business travel situations, you can opt for VCK Travel’s full-service system. This unique solution includes your own account team, which has in-depth knowledge of your organisation. Your organisation’s travel policy will be laid down in a detailed company profile that lists all your preferences, requirements and needs, and we will make a personal travel profile for each traveller. This way you can optimally benefit from the experience and expertise of your own VCK travel consultants.

Our flexible solution

Would you like to use our online booking system, but also work with a dedicated account team? Then choose our flexible solution. You can use AirGo to make bookings yourself, which you can also change or cancel. And if you need more support, just contact your VCK travel consultant. You will be charged for these extra services at the regular fee. This solution is suitable for both simple and more complex requests.

What works best for you?

Our specialists will be happy to help you choose the booking concept that works best for your organisation. Contact us and make a well-informed choice.


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