Lower travel costs, more control

Would you like to maximise savings on your organisation’s travel expenses? Choose VCK Travel. We not only offer attractive rates for all your travel arrangements, we also provide you with the insights you need. This means you can save money in all respects:

  • Save money thanks to valuable insights provided by our process analysis
  • Maximise convenience and transparency of travel cost administration by using our payment solutions
  • Receive support in proactively managing your travel budget
  • Experience the effect of insight into travel costs through management reporting.

Want to reduce costs? Then you should first take a close look at your internal processes. VCK Travel can help you with this.

Our process analysis – the value of insight

Thanks to VCK Travel’s process analysis, transparency is within reach. We will analyse your current business travel costs and all additional costs. We will look into all aspects, from your booking process and administration to general transparency. The result will be a transparent overview of your organisation’s savings opportunities.

Our process analysis gives you insight »

More convenience thanks to our payment solutions

Reduce the administrative burden of your business trips. Together with our partner American Express, we offer you extensive payment solutions that will help you save time and money. Our payment solutions will simplify your administration and provide more insight into your total business travel expenses.

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Manage your travel budget proactively

Saving is all about anticipating. Cost overruns are often only noticed after the fact, when the expenses have already been processed and paid. Reducing costs at that point is difficult. VCK Travel therefore offers an opportunity to intervene much earlier by using Expense Management systems (Airplus and MobileExpense). These systems are fully integrated into our booking systems.

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Management reporting provides insight

Do you want optimum control over your business travel budget? It’s within reach, as long as you have the right management information. VCK Travel provides you with detailed monthly reports of all travel expenses within your organisation. These reports not only list all expenses (devided into airline tickets, hotels, car hire, etc.), but also provide you with a transparent overview of savings that you have achieved or missed. This information is valuable input for any future cost reductions.

The Personal Touch
of Eric van Denderen, Commercial Director

"Want to reduce your travel costs? You can! Just ask us to optimise your processes, and experience the most efficient way to travel. That is guaranteed to save you money! I’d be happy to advise you"