Save on business travel

Want to save on business travel? VCK Travel thinks along with you. To reduce costs, you can rely on benefits such as:

  • Low rates for flights, hotels and car hire
  • Efficient booking methods
  • Procurement support
  • Insight into travel expenses
  • High service levels and low transaction fees

VCK Travel goes the extra mile to reduce your business travel costs.

Low rates for flights, hotels and car hire

Are you looking for attractive rates? If so, VCK Travel is your best partner. Why? because:

  • We have contracts with almost all major airlines, so we can offer you attractive ticket prices.
  • As a partner of Radius Travel, we can offer special rates for more than 11,000 hotels worldwide, with discounts on room prices of up to 60%!
  • We work closely with all renowned international car rental companies, so we will be able to find rental cars for you at attractive rates all over the world.

In short, wherever your business travel leads you, you can count on VCK Travel to have procured travel arrangements at the lowest possible rates, so your organisation can reap the benefits.

Save more by booking efficiently

VCK Travel’s travel consultants know their way in the world of travel. They have the professional knowledge required and often have many years of experience in booking business trips. Use VCK Travel and benefit from huge savings thanks to smart ticketing and efficient flight combinations.

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Did you know that a smart combination of two separate one-way tickets may be cheaper than buying a return ticket? We go the extra mile to reduce your business travel costs.

Very economical: our procurement support

VCK Travel makes clear agreements about prices with suppliers. This way your company can benefit from immediate, significant savings on business travel. In addition, we make sure that the terms and conditions fit in seamlessly with your travel policy – because our contracts with airlines and hotel chains go much further than agreements on rates or discount percentages.

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Economy Class or Business Class? Luxury room or budget room? VCK Travel helps you to purchase travel arrangements that best suit your organisation.

High service levels, low transaction fees

VCK Travel is a service-oriented organisation: we offer you maximum insight and convenience at the lowest possible price. For our services, we ask a small contribution in the form of a transaction fee. This fee is low at VCK Travel, particularly given our exceptionally high service level.

Insights that save you money

VCK Travel is not just about saving on the costs of purchasing. You can also count on transparent insight into your travel expenses. And because we keep improving our internal processes, you can save even more.

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The Personal Touch
of Eric van Denderen, Manager Corporate Accounts & Events

"Want to reduce your travel costs? You can! Just ask us to optimise your processes, and experience the most efficient way to travel. That is guaranteed to save you money! I’d be happy to advise you"