Go for the best payment solution

Do people in your organisation travel a lot? Then you run the risk of losing track of all your business travel expenses. VCK Travel gets you back on track. With our payment solutions you can charge all your travel expenses (even those during the trip if you like) to one central account. This makes your invoice flow a whole lot simpler and much more transparent.

The benefits of our payment solutions:

  • Save on processing costs
    All costs of flights, train travel and hotel reservations will be booked on one central account. That makes processing a lot less labour-intensive. This way you save significantly on the processing costs of each bill.
  • Raise your liquidity
    Our payment solutions often offer an extended payment term. This will improve the liquidity of your organization. At the same time, you will improve efficiency and save on indirect costs, because you can pay everything in just one go.
  • Enjoy free insurance
    If you use of our payment solutions, in many cases you receive free insurance of the payments made using your card.
  • Enrich your payment details
    Our payment solutions offer clear insight into your expenses. Integrate traveller information, references or cost centre numbers, and everything will be easily retrievable through management reports.

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The Personal Touch
of Eric van Denderen, Commercial Director

"Want to reduce your travel costs? You can! Just ask us to optimise your processes, and experience the most efficient way to travel. That is guaranteed to save you money! I’d be happy to advise you"