Our process analysis provides insight

How can your organisation reduce its business travel expenses? To find out, VCK Travel will carry out an extensive internal process analysis. Among other things, our experts will focus on travel and booking costs. We also zoom in on your entire booking process. The result? A transparent overview of savings opportunities for your organisation.

An outsider’s perspective helps to save money

When it comes to travel expenses, insight is crucial. That’s why VCK Travel examines all saving opportunities within your organisation, such as:

  • Finding more efficient ways of working
  • Implementing cost reductions
  • Reorganising the payment process
  • Speeding up the authorisation process
  • Optimising payment streams

The analysis aims to find the bottlenecks in your organisation and to help you make positive changes to your travel-related processes.

VCK Travel analyses your travel policy independently of the context, i.e., without taking into account existing organisational and reporting structures. In doing so, we consider all stakeholders (including secretaries, the financial department and management).

Your business travel budget: 100% transparency

VCK Travel provides insight into your business travel budget. We examine things such as:

  • The transaction fees charged by your current agent
  • The average price of your airline tickets
  • Your total travel volume
  • Additional expenses before, during and after trips

We also pay attention to the transparency of bookings within your organisation. For instance, how many travel agents receive fees in the entire process? We study all the input, so you will get a complete picture. As a result, you will be able to negotiate new deals in a well-informed and fair way.

An eye-opener that generates money

VCK Travel’s way of working is unlike most other business travel agencies.  We aim for total transparency. In doing so, we not only offer our customers (both SME’s and larger organisations) an ‘eye-opener’, we also guarantee significant savings of some 20 to 35 percent of your total business travel budget.