Traveller safety

Every employer has a legal ‘duty of care’. In the Netherlands this means that employers are responsible for the health and safety of their employees during working hours. That’s why VCK Travel takes risk management very seriously, so we can help our customers to meet their duty of care:

VCK Travel helps your organisation prevent risk during business travel.

We help out in the case of emergencies

Earthquakes, strikes, snowed-in airports: we sincerely hope you will be spared these inconveniences. However, if your business travellers are faced with an emergency of any sort, you know that VCK Travel will be ready to help you 24×7.

Passenger tracking: know where your people are

If one of your business travellers may be at a destination where an emergency has occurred, you can rest assured that VCK Travel will already be working for you. In the event of emergencies, we immediately activate our Passenger Tracking System. This way we know which passengers are at which destination or on which flight. If employees of your organisation are affected, we will notify you at once.

Knowledge of risk areas: VCK Travel

VCK Travel knows its way around the world and is also aware of the risks travellers may face in certain destinations. Increasingly, Dutch business travellers are travelling to areas such as Africa and the BRIC countries. This involves certain risks, such as the lack of reliable healthcare or immediate assistance. In addition, business travel involves practical risks. That’s why it is good to know that VCK Travel always takes care of the safety of your employees.

Supplementary ‘duty of care’ support

VCK Travel helps your organisation to be a good employer. We do this in collaboration with renowned partners. For example, to ensure we can deal with potential emergencies appropriately, we will take a critical look at your current business processes in advance. You can also integrate our booking systems into our partners’ information systems. This will enable your organisation to keep your business travellers well-informed about their destination and local safety. At the same time, we will keep you up to date about the latest developments at the destination.

The Personal Touch
of Eric van Denderen, Commercial Director

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