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The coronavirus makes everything different

Not only travelling is different with COVID-19. Working has also become different for us, because at VCK Travel we follow the guidelines of the RIVM and we work from home as much as possible. All our systems are adapted to the current situation, so our Travel Consultants can always assist you optimally by phone and/or e-mail.

Contact details departments & offices

Account Management & Sales If you have a question for our Account Support or Sales department, call 088-1201980 or send an email to support@vcktravel.nl.
Corporate Events Would you like to have contact with one of our Project Managers? Call 088-1201983 or send an email to events@vcktravel.nl.
Amsterdam 088-1201911  amsterdam@vcktravel.nl  more details »
Den Haag 088-1201914 denhaag@vcktravel.nl more details »
Gorinchem 088-1201912  gorinchem@vcktravel.nl  more details »
Rotterdam 088-1201913 rotterdam@vcktravel.nl more details »

Overview of e-mail addresses other departments

See below a overview of the e-mail addresses of our other departments, so you can e-mail your question or request.
Department E-mail
AirGo Helpdesk airgo.helpdesk@vcktravel.nl
Customer Solutions customer.solutions@vcktravel.nl
Groupticketing – Corporate Events groupticketing@vcktravel.nl
Information security/privacy privacy@vcktravel.nl
Marketing marketing@vcktravel.nl
QHSE customer.service@vcktravel.nl

Instruction for visitors

If you have a physical appointment with one of our employees at an office, please check the ‘visitor instruction‘ (in Dutch) first.