Save smarter: Expense Management

Was your employee’s business trip too expensive? Very often you only find out after the fact. By that time, all expense forms have already been processed and paid. VCK Travel helps you keep track of expenses at an earlier stage. Together with our partners AirPlus and MobileXpense, we offer expense management systems that make everything transparent. This makes it much easier to take action when it’s needed. Our expense management systems are fully integrated in our booking modules. You have full control, whether you are using our online booking tool or making regular booking through our travel consultants.

Expense management solutions: the benefits

With VCK Travel’s expense management systems you can have expenses approved before they are made. That’s how you keep control over your expenses. And there are many more benefits, such as:

  • Easy recovery of foreign VAT
  • Automatic processing of expense forms
  • Prevention of unauthorised expense accounts
  • Objective checks of all travel expenses
  • Extensive management reporting

These expense management solutions clearly save you money. For example:

  • 8%–10% savings on total travel and entertainment expenses
  • Up to 50% savings on time spent on expense accounts after business trips
  • Up to 15% savings on recovering VAT paid abroad
  • Cost savings thanks to significant simplification and automation of administrative processes related to expense accounts

Start saving immediately!

Do you want to keep your costs under control? Contact us and learn more about the expense management solution that would suit you best.