Doing business your way: Personal Touch

Experience VCK Travel’s Personal Touch, a distinctive, personal way of doing business. With us, you can always count on a dedicated team of specialised travel consultants. For every challenge, we will find a solution that matches the specific needs of your organisation. Our Personal Touch is an integral part of our entire organisation. You will experience its added value through:

Your dedicated team of specialists is familiar with all your organisation’s requirements and preferences.

Your own dedicated account manager

No matter how your company organises its business travel, your dedicated account manager will always be ready to serve you. Someone who thinks along with you and keeps you up to date – for example, through periodic management reports full of valuable insights. In addition, your account manager will offer expert advice, ensuring that your organisation makes optimal use of its travel budget.

A dedicated team of specialists

As a customer of VCK Travel, you always have access to your own team of dedicated specialists. These are our travel consultants, who know their way around and have in-depth knowledge of your organisation. They know your organisation’s travel policy and authorisation processes, as well as travellers’ personal preferences. That’s where it all starts.

An online environment where you feel at home

For every organisation, efficiency is invaluable. That’s why, as a VCK Travel customer, you can book simple trips and make optional reservations yourself. With our online booking tool AirGo, you can book trips without the mediation of a travel consultant at a very low fee. Our helpdesk is available to answer any questions. For more complex bookings, you can, of course, always call in the help of one of our specialists.

Experience the difference

With its Personal Touch, VCK Travel makes a real difference. Are you interested in our way of doing business? Contact us, and experience the difference.

The Personal Touch
The Personal Touch
of Oscar van Wees, Sales Manager Marine Travel

"VCK Marine Travel is your no-nonsense travel partner with a Personal Touch. We know your organisation and travellers preferences. This is how you get things done! I would be happy to tell you all about it. Will I see you at the Offshore Energy?"