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<h1>Climate-neutral flying</h1>
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<big class=”big”>In their travel policies, companies and organisations are increasingly taking the impact of travel on the climate into account. As a major source of CO2 emissions, flying has a big impact on our climate. If you want to limit your company’s environmental impact as part of your CSR or sustainability policy, we offer you the option of offsetting CO2 emissions by booking a GreenSeat. As you fly, you will then compensate the CO2 emissions by investing in sustainable energy projects elsewhere. If you’d like to know more about climate-neutral flying, contact your personal <a href=”https://www.vcktravel.nl/en/contact/”>Account Manager</a>.</big>
<li><a href=”https://www.vcktravel.nl/over-ons/duurzaam/klimaatneutraal-vliegen/#greenseat”>Boek GreenSeat</a></li>
<li><a href=”https://www.vcktravel.nl/over-ons/duurzaam/klimaatneutraal-vliegen/#climateneutralgroup”>Projecten van de Climate Neutral Group</a></li>
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<a name=”greenseat”></a>GreenSeat</h2>
When you book a GreenSeat, the CO2 emissions from your flight are calculated and automatically converted into the amount to be invested to offset these emissions. In practice, it only increases the price of your ticket by 1 to 3%. If your company enters into a contract with Climate Neutral Group to offset the CO2 emissions of your flights, we take care of the administration and invoicing for each journey. You will receive an annual certificate stating the number of tonnes of CO2 that you have compensated.
<h2><a name=”climateneutralgroup”></a>Climate Neutral Group (CNG)</h2>
Your GreenSeat supplement is invested in projects of the Climate Neutral Group (CNG), a social venture whose aim is to make organisations climate neutral. CNG invests in sustainable energy projects that avoid CO2 emissions and contribute to the local community. CNG’s projects are audited in accordance with to the guidelines of strict, independent parties, such as the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and the Gold Standard.

You can find more information about climate-neutral flying and the Climate Neutral Group <a href=”https://www.climateneutralgroup.com/en/services/flying/”>here</a>.