VCK Travel: Eco-friendly partner

Organising business trips also means being fully aware of our corporate social responsibility and taking responsibility. That’s how we see it. As your partner, VCK Travel always works in an ethically responsible way, taking account of the environment and future generations. You will notice this in the following ways: 

People, planet and profit are embedded in our DNA and our activities.

We minimise our footprint

We need to spare the environment as much as possible. That’s why we focus on minimising VCK Travel’s ecological footprint. The measures we have taken so far have already led to a decrease of the carbon emissions with more than 50% compared to the previous years. But we’re not there yet: VCK Travel ultimately aims to operate 100% climate-neutral.

Creating awareness

Sustainability is an integral part of everything we do at VCK Travel. Our employees are also aware of this. They don’t print documents when they don’t have to, and they drive environmentally friendly cars (A-label, hybrid, and electric cars). We also encourage our clients and suppliers to limit or compensate for their CO2 emissions, such as those caused by flying.
In accordance with ethical norms, taking care of the environment and other human beings goes hand in hand with profitability. That’s how we see it at VCK Travel.

Security through ISO 14001:2015 certification

VCK Travel has an ISO 14001:2015 certificate. This ensures that we comply with all legislation and regulations with regard to managing environmental risks. Our objectives and initiatives to reduce our impact on the environment have also been laid down in an environmental management system. In this way, we can keep track of our ecological impact and maintain a clear vision.
We measure our performance regularly to monitor the progress we make. This helps us to anticipate quickly. As soon as it becomes necessary, we can then adjust our ways of working. Our processes and procedures should fit in seamlessly with our sustainability ambitions.
Read about what we wish to achieve in caring for the environment in VCK Travel’s environmental policy statement.

Our environmental plan provides details of the efforts we are taking to minimise our impact on the environment.

ISO 14001