VCK Travel: accessible 24/7

Work is running over, an emergency occurs, or you’re hoping to catch an earlier flight than planned – all kinds of things can change your travel plans. Fortunately, you can always reach us. We help you change your travel plans in case of unexpected circumstances, no matter when you contact us.

Ook buiten kantoortijden is VCK Travel bereikbaar met de 24x7 service

Service outside office hours

On weekends and public holidays, you can reach us via our usual phone numbers.. We will then automatically connect you to VCK Travel’s 24/7 service. Our staff will be happy to talk to you in Dutch or English.

Trusted quality

Our 24/7 staff are fully familiar with your organisation. They are specialised in solving problems you may face before or during your trip. And to serve you optimally, these specialists have insight into details such as your personal seat preferences, frequent flyer card numbers, payment agreements and your company’s travel policy.

The Personal Touch
of Eric van Denderen, Commercial Director

"Wilt u kosten besparen? Dat kan. Als we het proces optimaal inrichten en gaan voor een efficiënte manier van reizen, scheelt dat gegarandeerd in de kosten. Ik adviseer u graag om het te realiseren."