Our management

VCK Travel’s management consists of the following individuals with a passion for business travel:

Ed Berrevoets | Managing Director

Ed Berrevoets is completely at home in the travel industry. His vision of the future of VCK Travel benefits from his extensive knowledge of IT and internet applications, combined with his long experience in the business travel sector. Whenever IT can play a part in improving our services or efficiency, Ed will see to it that it is implemented quickly. At the same time, he is a real believer in VCK Travel’s personal approach. He is convinced that our Personal Touch lies at the heart of the company.

Arno Schreuder

With a background in accountancy and travel Insurance, Arno Schreuder feels very much at home with VCK Travel, where he can put all his knowledge to good use. Responsible for the financial and legal side of the business, Arno is alert and meticulous, and he has a sharp analytical mindset. He leads the financial department, draws up reports and annual accounts, and assists the management team in safeguarding the company’s objectives. He is also the driving force behind our data warehouse and Analytics tool. Arno focuses on optimising and automating our administrative processes and systems. Under his watchful eye, the entire management team can count on Arno to create efficiency in complex issues.

Eric van Denderen

Thanks to his background at KLM and other travel management companies, Eric van Denderen knows the travel sector like no other. He has worked for VCK Travel for many years now, where he is responsible for Sales en Account Management. He is also head of the Corporate Events department. Eric is commercial, sees opportunities everywhere, and is results-driven. He protects the interests and preferences of our customers and makes commercial deals with suppliers and clients. Eric focuses on customer satisfaction. In a competitive market with many new developments, he always sees to it that good results are achieved for the benefit of our customers.