ISO 9001:2015 – Quality is our main concern

We’re very proud that VCK Travel is certified to ISO 9001:2015 level. It guarantees that our business processes comply with all the latest standards and procedures.

Quality improvement as management tool

We guarantee the quality of our procedures by means of a well-thought-through quality management system. On a weekly and monthly basis, our performances are assessed against previously established norms. This way we keep continuous track of the extent to which we’re achieving our targets and maintaining the quality of our services.

Of course, business processes are liable to change. Suppliers may implement changes, clients need to keep up with the times, and market circumstances also keep changing. At VCK Travel, we don’t just ask ourselves whether we’re doing things right, but also whether we’re doing the right things well. On the basis of new knowledge and market developments, we will adjust our processes and procedures as soon as this is necessary – time and time again.

Quality improvement

At VCK Travel we don’t think structural quality management is ‘difficult’. We see it as a nice challenge to get into. We embrace each chance to improve ourselves, particularly when it comes to efficiency, return on investment and cost reduction. ISO 9001:2015 is a very helpful tool in this respect. It provides us with the basic norms against which we can measure and assess the quality of our products and services. And that means you will benefit from even better service.

ISO 9001

The Personal Touch
of Eric van Denderen, Commercial Director

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