Transparency has a name: VCK Travel

VCK Travel attaches great importance to clarity and openness. Our collaboration models are therefore based on ‘no nonsense’ and transparency. We provide insight at three levels:

VCK Travel stands for total transparency in business travel, so you know exactly what to expect.

Insight into prices of tickets and hotels

We provide insight into the things that really matter, such as processes, rates and agreements with suppliers. This means you know exactly where there may be hidden costs. In addition, we help you to achieve cost savings on products that are procured by us. We do this by finding economical rates, as well as by means of smart procurement.

This is what our fee includes

What are VCK Travel’s earning models? And what costs are covered by our fee? These are legitimate questions, and deserve a clear answer. That’s why we’re completely open and honest with you. We don’t charge any mark-ups and there are no hidden surcharges. This way you have full insight into the structure of our fees. When you team up with VCK Travel, you can be sure that you never pay too much for your business travel needs.

Insight into your organisation

You can save even more! Like no other, VCK Travel knows how to bring saving opportunities to light within your organisation. We can then help you to streamline processes and improve inefficient procedures. As your consultant, we will openly help you to maximise your savings on business travel.

Towards maximum transparency

Would you also like to have complete insight into your business travel costs? VCK Travel thinks along with you. Contact us and experience the difference we can make.

Ed Berrevoets
The Personal Touch
of Ed Berrevoets, Managing Director

"Transparent and innovative: that’s the way we do business at VCK Travel. I’m completely committed to this way of working – all day, every day – because it enables us to make a real difference. That's what we call The Personal Touch."