The best rates

VCK Marine Travel has access to all special rates for sailors and maritime and offshore staff. If you partner with us, your organisation will enjoy worldwide coverage, and you will benefit from our strategic (i.e., financially interesting) procurement locations.Bespaar op uw crew replacements door onze wereldwijde inkoop en gebruik van slimme tools

Save on your crew replacements with VCK Marine Travel’s global procurement arrangements and smart tools.

Cheap and transparent

We’re the only party in our sector that works 100% transparently. VCK Marine Travel charges net flight prices. We don’t charge mark-ups and there are no hidden surcharges. That’s how your organisation can make maximum savings on crew replacements, while benefiting from true transparency.

Faster, more efficient crew planning

You can save in more ways than one. Not only on the price of a ticket, for instance, but also on the pre-booking process. VCK Marine Travel provides you with systems that will make your travel arrangements more efficient. For instance, Crew.NET enables us to make a direct link between your organisation’s planning system and our booking systems. In doing so, we can achieve savings up to 50% of the time it usually takes to make bookings. What’s more, this way of working also prevents mistakes in entering data.

Cost management: management reports

What exactly does your company spend on travel? VCK Marine Travel provides  insight into your expenses. Through extensive management reports, we create a transparent overview of your costs. You will regularly receive detailed reports of the trips your organisation has booked. This gives you insight into your expenses and keeps you in control.

UBL 2.0

UBL 2.0 enables direct digital invoicing. For example; tickets will be invoiced directly and automatically, saving time and money.

Saving starts now

Would you like to start saving on crew replacement as soon as possible? Just contact us and we will let you know how your company’s crew travel can be made cheaper and more efficient.

The Personal Touch
of Eric van Denderen, Commercial Director

"Want to reduce your travel costs? You can! Just ask us to optimise your processes, and experience the most efficient way to travel. That is guaranteed to save you money! I’d be happy to advise you"