VCK Marine Travel: Experience the Personal Touch

Choose a personal expert. VCK Travel specialises in maritime and offshore travel. We have in-depth knowledge of the various price levels and visa regulations in this sector. And what’s more, we know the culture. VCK Marine Travel is your no-nonsense partner with a Personal Touch. This is how you get things done.

Targeted and flexible

Every type of company is different, and every office has its own preferences. That’s why we focus on the needs of your organisation in everything we do. We tailor our service to you. We call this our Personal Touch. This also means we’re flexible. Your ship may be arriving early or you may be delayed. Or you may need to change your tickets at the last minute. Whatever happens, our service staff know your business inside out and will always be able to find the best possible solution.

Specialised contacts

You can count on our expertise. Each specialised marine team has its own dedicated account manager. This is always someone who comes straight from the sector, so you can be sure of a no-nonsense approach. No matter where in the world you are, you can rely on our personal attention. VCK Marine Travel is your personal partner with a pragmatic and solution-driven approach. And this is particularly true for our 24X7 service staff, who have been especially trained to do this work.

Discover our added value

Experience VCK Marine Travel’s specialist, personal approach for yourself, and learn how your organisation can benefit. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

The Personal Touch
of Eric van Denderen, Commercial Director

"Want to reduce your travel costs? You can! Just ask us to optimise your processes, and experience the most efficient way to travel. That is guaranteed to save you money! I’d be happy to advise you"