Accurate management information

VCK Marine Travel provides you with accurate management information. This enables you to stay in control of your organisation’s travel expenses. VCK Marine Travel’s detailed reports on your crew replacements give you valuable insights.

VCK Marine Travel’s reports contain useful information for your organisation. You can use this to:

  • Manage travel costs
  • Budget travel costs
  • Determine the best replacement location

In short, VCK Marine Travel’s reports offer transparency by accurately mapping your organisation’s travel patterns.
How do our travel costs compare to previous years? What are the cheapest replacement locations? How can we keep costs under control? VCK Marine Travel’s reports provide answers to these relevant questions.

Using all the data

VCK Marine Travel uses a management information system (MIS) to make your travel costs transparent. We can provide data at many different levels – from individual ships and travellers to your organisation as a whole.

Crystal-clear, in real-time

Thanks to our MIS, you can also easily monitor the SLA arrangements you have with us. In addition, if you use Crew.NET, we can automatically report response times. This gives you better, and more objective, insight into our service levels.

MIS for your organisation

Want to know how the MIS can improve your organisation’s insight? Just contact us, and we will show you the possibilities.

Ed Berrevoets
The Personal Touch
of Ed Berrevoets, Managing Director

"Transparent and innovative: that’s the way we do business at VCK Travel. I’m completely committed to this way of working – all day, every day – because it enables us to make a real difference. That's what we call The Personal Touch."