Benefit from our international network

You can experience VCK Marine Travel’s personal approach all over the world. Through the International Marine Travel Group (IMTG), we are represented globally. You can find our partners’ offices in all strategic locations in the maritime and offshore industry. This offers many advantages.

VCK Marine Travel is familiar with your organisation, wherever your platform, ship or office may be located.

Personal assistance across the globe

No matter where in the world your organisation is active, you can always count on the same personal approach that you’re used to receiving at our Dutch offices. Because VCK Marine Travel is part of the International Marine Travel Group (IMTG), your organisation enters into a contract with just one partner, while you benefit from the services of all IMTG partners. All service agreements, rates and quality agreements are guaranteed worldwide, and you can count on the same reliable service everywhere. This saves you hassle and money.

Always accessible

The maritime and offshore industry is a 24-hour business. We totally understand this. That’s why VCK Marine Travel’s service is not limited to regular office hours. Outside office hours, our 24X7 service takes over. This way we create continuity, and your organisation can rely on our service at any time of the day or night. Our 24X7 service is particularly geared to customers in the maritime and offshore segments.

Enjoy the benefits

Want to find out how an international player can benefit your organisation? Just contact us, and we will show you.

The Personal Touch
The Personal Touch
of Oscar van Wees, Sales Manager Marine Travel

"VCK Marine Travel is your no-nonsense travel partner with a Personal Touch. We know your organisation and travellers preferences. This is how you get things done! I would be happy to tell you all about it. Will I see you at the Offshore Energy?"