Airport facilities – extra services offered by Schiphol

Schiphol offers many opportunities to make your business trip more enjoyable. You can make use of the following additional services:

Schiphol desk: handling of travel documents made easy

As a VCK Travel customer, you are always welcome to visit our service desk at Schiphol. You can use it to collect travel documents, change your tickets or make reservations. You can also use the service desk to hand over documents to colleagues. If desired, we can also ask desk staff to meet your important business visitors at the gate after they have been through customs. The service desk can be reached 24/7.

Privium: fast border crossing with iris scan

If you fly regularly and want to travel without delay, you can opt for Privium at Schiphol. This guarantees ultra-fast and safe border crossing thanks to the revolutionary iris recognition technology. With a Privium Plus subscription, you can park close to Departures, check in at the business class desk of eighteen airlines (also with an economy ticket) and enjoy a discount for Schiphol Valet Parking.

Schiphol Travel Taxi: getting to and from Schiphol in comfort

Be sure of a relaxed, easy and comfortable ride to and from the airport by luxury car or minibus. By making use of the Schiphol Travel Taxi, you will always be sure you will arrive at Schiphol well on time to check in. Schiphol Travel Taxi also offers booking options for business transport to regional airports.

Business Lounge: a relaxed start to your journey

Would you like to relax before departure or do you need to get some quick work done? All facilities you need are at hand in the Business Lounge at Schiphol: internet, meeting facilities, a large reading table and a bar with free drinks and light refreshments.

Schiphol app

Schiphol offers travellers and visitors a very comprehensive app. The Schiphol app can be downloaded for free on iPhones, Android devices, Windows Phones and the new Blackberry devices. For users of other devices a mobile website is available.

Free Wi-Fi at Schiphol

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol offers unlimited free Wi-Fi throughout the terminal. The network is available to everyone and is offered 24/7 all year round. To use Free Wi-Fi, select the network ‘Schiphol Airport_Wifi’ on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Parking at Schiphol

There are various parking facilities at Schiphol Airport. These vary from Schiphol Valet Parking, an exclusive parking service for your safety and comfort, to Schiphol Smart Parking, which allows you to park your car for two days or longer at an attractive rate. Schiphol Parking has set up an online environment for parking reservations. By making a reservation online in advance, you will be saving costs, as it will be more expensive to make a reservation when you get there. Using the online environment, you can reserve your own parking space quickly and easily. Click here [correcte link toevoegen! Nu zelfde als algemene link] for the online environment of Schiphol Parking, exclusively for VCK Travel customers.

You can find more extensive information about parking options here.