Loyalty programmes

One of the many benefits of frequent travel is the fact that you can participate in various loyalty programmes. Here’s an overview of the options.

Many options

There are many types of loyalty programmes. For example, travellers can have their personal frequent flyer card. Companies can take part in one of the corporate loyalty programmes. The personal and corporate loyalty programmes can even be combined – so you can save at double speed!

How to save

There are many Corporate loyalty programmes you can take part in. For example; the KLM Bluebiz benefits programme, the Star Alliance Company Plus programme, the On Business loyalty programme of British Airways and the SAS Credits programme. The number of loyalty programmes available keeps growing, and many of them offer specific benefits. In some programmes you can save up for free tickets, in others for products or upgrades. The validity of accumulated credit points may also vary significantly, as well as how to redeem them.

Questions? We’re happy to help

Do you have a question about loyalty programmes, or would you like to know what options are available to you or your company? Contact us and we’d be glad to help you.