List of airlines banned within the EU

The EU maintains a black list of airlines that are not allowed to operate within the EU. This black list is drawn up by the European Commission on the basis of information from the member states, and is updated every three months.

Latest update

These lists will be updated regularly and published by the European Union. Please check the List of airlines banned within the EU  for the latest version.

Flying with an airline on the EU black list

As a travel agency, VCK Travel can only advise its customers – in the end, the choice of airline is up to you. If, as a VCK Travel customer, you choose to fly using an airline that is on the EU black list, we will ask you to sign a declaration form to confirm that you are familiar with the black list, that VCK Travel has drawn your attention to it, and that you understand that you are not entitled to any reimbursement or to change your flight reservations. Of course, if the flight is part of a tour operator’s package, the declaration only applies in so far as legal restrictions allow.


Blacklisted airline declaration form