Airport facilities– Rotterdam The Hague Airport

Rotterdam The Hague airport also offers many opportunities to make your business trip more enjoyable. Benefit from the following extra services:

Get through security faster

Are you flying British Airways (Club Europe)? Then you can make use of the exclusive Fast Lane security service. This will get you to the Departures lounge even quicker.

RTHA app for iOS and Android

The official Rotterdam The Hague Airport app offers you all the information you need for your journey. Check up-to-date departure and arrival times, discover destinations, and learn more about the airport’s accessibility. This app is free and available for iOS and Android.

Other services

You will find an ATM at Rotterdam The Hague Airport, and GWK Travelex also has an airport branch. Here you can get all foreign currencies.

There is free Wi-Fi throughout the airport.

More information?

You will find more information on the Rotterdam The Hague Airport website.