Insight into your business travel budget

VCK Travel makes international business travel transparent. We attach great value to our open, honest and transparent way of working.

Our transparency officially recognised

VCK Travel’s transparency is crystal clear. The Dutch national government also recognises the legitimacy of VCK Travel’s transparent approach and way of working. That’s why, since 2013, we have been the preferred Travel Management Company (TMC) for the Dutch parliament, the ministries and the auditor’s office. And since 2019, after winning the European tender, we have been serving the entire national government.

VCK Travel shows that it is acting entirely in line with the requirements of the tender. We take the data privacy of our customers and travellers seriously, have included confidentiality clauses in our agreements with our suppliers, and are transparent about our revenue models. Above all, our transparent way of working leads to a high degree of trust in the relationship with our customers. It is an ecosystem in which we link professional services to clear financial objectives. This enables us to work in true partnership with the government to reduce costs, achieve relevant savings, and efficiently manage procurement on behalf of our customer.

Ed Berrevoets
The Personal Touch
of Ed Berrevoets, Managing Director

"Transparent and innovative: that’s the way we do business at VCK Travel. I’m completely committed to this way of working – all day, every day – because it enables us to make a real difference. That's what we call The Personal Touch."