Save on business travel: VCK Travel

Keep control of business travel expenses! VCK Travel thinks along with you to reduce costs. This is how:

Competitive rates for flights, hotels and car hire

Reducing costs starts with attractive rates. VCK Travel is your best partner. The prices will stay low because:

  • The Dutch government has contracts with major airlines, thanks to our involvement and advising role.
  • We work closely with all renowned international car rental companies, so we will be able to find rental cars for you at attractive rates all over the world.

In short, wherever your business travel leads you, you can count on VCK Travel to have procured travel arrangements at the lowest possible rates, so your organisation can reap the benefits.

More insight with Total Cost of Travel

We map out the Total Cost of Travel. This is a new, ground-breaking procurement model that is unique in the Dutch travel industry.
VCK Travel’s approach is to make a complete scan of your total travel costs. We will then compare the results with the results of scans of similar organisations. We will check the differences and sort out where we can achieve procurement benefits. Subsequently, VCK Travel can negotiate on your behalf with organisations such as:

  • Airlines
  • Hotel chains
  • Railway companies
  • Car rental companies

Our extensive experience in initiating, managing and implementing procurement projects ensures the best possible discounts and other procurement benefits.

Start saving now

Are you interested in reducing your organisation’s travel costs? Feel free to contact one of our specialists.