Overview: These are Europe’s busiest airports according to the latest figures

All airports in Europe have now published their passenger figures for April, allowing the industry association ACI Europe to compile the data and create a top five list. Year-on-year, the number of passengers increased by 8.5 percent. As a result, passenger volume at European airports was only 0.2 percent below the level of the pre-Covid year 2019. “Air traffic is now just a hair’s breadth away from full recovery,” said ACI.

However, there are significant differences between European countries: Finland (-30.6 percent) and Slovenia (-29.5 percent) still have a long way to go before air traffic is fully recovered. Finland’s poor performance is partly due to Helsinki being an important hub between Europe and East Asia. Finnair has been severely affected by the closure of Russian airspace and the sluggish Chinese economy. In the small country of Slovenia, home carrier Adria Airways went bankrupt at the end of 2019.
Some countries, on the other hand, are already well above the pre-Covid level, such as Greece (+21.7 percent) and Croatia (+20.9 percent). This is because these countries have become even more popular as holiday destinations. Recently, KLM announced a significant increase in the number of flights to Croatia. Other countries where air traffic has already fully recovered include Poland (+20.3 percent) and Malta (+18.5 percent).

Below are the top five busiest airports in Europe in April, rounded to 0.1 million (and the growth or decline compared to April 2019, the last year before the Covid crisis).

  1. London Heathrow: 6.7 million passengers (-1.4 percent)
  2. Istanbul Airport: 6.6 million passengers (+22.4 percent)
  3. Paris CDG: 5.8 million passengers (-11.5 percent)
  4. Schiphol: 5.5 million passengers (-10.4 percent)
  5. Madrid Barajas: 5.4 million passengers (+6.7 percent)

At a considerable distance from the top five were Frankfurt Airport in sixth place, with 5.1 million passengers, and Barcelona Airport in seventh place, with 4.6 million passengers.

(Source: Zakenreisnieuws)

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"Overview: These are Europe’s busiest airports according to the latest figures"

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