A special app for each event

Experience the power of the VCK Travel Event App: the mobile event guide for your event or meeting. The app quickly answers all questions that participants in your event or meeting may have.

The app makes it clear

In which hotel will I stay? Where can I find the event location? Which workshops are interesting for me? At what time does the meeting start? Who will all be coming? Our Event App gives clarity where you need it.

Your event? Your app!

We design your VCK Travel Event App entirely according your own corporate house style, and ensure it includes all the necessary information for your event. We can also link the app to social-media channels such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, which will help to increase interaction with – and between – participants.
The app has been developed for both iPhone and Android phones.

Any other wishes? Let us know

Because VCK Travel works with a permanent team of developers, we can quickly and easily integrate any additional wishes into the app – for example, a link to an existing registration tool. As soon as it’s been downloaded, our Event App can be used both online and offline.

Sustainable investment

Our Event App can be re-used. Once an app has been designed in line with your needs, you can have it adjusted at a small fee for other events.

What will your app look like?

Want to know what VCK Travel’s Event App could look like for your event? Contact us, and we’ll be happy to show you the options.

The Personal Touch
of Anouk Slangen, Project Manager

"Can’t is not in our dictionary. Wherever in the world you want to organise an event, we can help you. Talk about your dreams and wishes with us, and together we will set up a unique event that your guests will long be talking about."