Business Travel

Manage your business travel

Do you want to book your business trip as efficiently as possible? At VCK Travel, you’re at the right address. We manage the entire booking process, define the right travel policy, and achieve cost reductions. Discover the benefits!

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Who we are

Transparency has a name...

VCK Travel values an open, honest and direct way of working. We do not apply surcharges or mark-ups. All processes, prices and agreements are completely transparent. Read more about our transparent approach.

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Marine Travel

Market leader at sea

Would you like to organise your crew replacements more efficiently? Choose VCK Marine Travel – our specialised teams provide innovative services and reduce your costs.

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Government Travel

Permanent partner for the Dutch government

With an office in The Hague that works exclusively for governmental organisations, VCK Travel is fully equipped to meet the specific needs with respect to government travel.

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Corporate Events

Professionally inspiring

Are you looking to stimulate and motivate colleagues, business contacts or customers with a special experience or a memorable get-together? VCK Travel makes it happen.

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Latest news
US and UK ban most electronic devices in cabins

Britain joined the United States on Tuesday in barring passengers travelling from airports in several Middle-East countries from bringing electronic devises on board with them when they fly. Smartphones and medical devices are still allowed, but laptops, tablets and other portable electronic devices must be packed in their checked baggage.

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Updated travel advice for Turkey

As of 12 March 2017, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs has updated its travel advice for Turkey. Due to the diplomatic tensions between the two countries, travellers are being warned...

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Renewed US travel ban

People from Iraq are no longer included in the new US travel ban. The revised ban, which restricts visa applications from the citizens of six countries, will be presented...

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