KLM Flight Bundle

Do you fly within Europe more than three times a year? If so, check out KLM’s Flight Bundle. With KLM Flight Bundle, you can register your destinations and number of flights in advance, but only need to decide on the actual dates closer to the time.

KLM will keep a seat free for you on every flight to your selected destination. That means there’s always one available for you on your chosen flight – including flights at weekends and during school holidays.

How does it work?
To use KLM Flight Bundle, you choose one or more destinations within Europe. These may be two (or more) destinations that you’re going to fly to this year, or perhaps a single destination that you’ll be flying to at least three times within a year. The number of return flights in a KLM Flight Bundle is a minimum of three up to a maximum of thirty per year. The more flights you book per year, the lower the price per flight. Besides the number of destinations, you also choose not only the number of people you wish to share your KLM Flight Bundle with (min. one person and max. nine) but also the conditions you want to apply to your tickets. For example, you can book your tickets from a minimum of four hours before departure to a maximum of 180 days. Your chosen flexibility applies to all flights in your bundle, and you pay booking costs only once when registering your bundle. The price of the tickets in the KLM Flight Bundle depends on your personal wishes. Are you already a member of KLM Flying Blue? If so, you can also earn KLM Flying Blue benefits on all the tickets you book via your KLM Flight Bundle.

Source: KLM

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