An airline ticket for your … stuff…?

Located at Schiphol Airport, VCK Logistics Airfreight, a sister company of VCK Travel, is a leading airfreight organisation. Eric Aarsen has been its General Manager since 2012. “As a traveller, you buy a ticket to be allowed on a flight,” he says. “When you’re moving freight, it’s essentially the same. But a pallet with goods can’t walk to a check-in desk to check itself in. This is where VCK Airfreight comes in. We not only arrange the ticket for our customers by reserving a place in the hold, we also ensure that all customs and security formalities have been complied with. On top of that we take care of the goods, we pick them up from where they are and make sure they are properly delivered to their destination.”

VCK Airfreight’s customers come from a range of different sectors. Shipping companies send their spares to locations where their ships are in dock or require maintenance. Food importers have deep-frozen fish flown in to Schiphol, which is then sent on to locations throughout Europe. And computer parts are flown in from Taiwan to assembly centres near Schiphol. “A sales team visiting an exhibition in Hong Kong must be able to rely on their booth being ready on time,” says Aarsen. “VCK Travel can arrange the tickets for the sales people, and we see to it that the materials for the booth arrive on time, thus guaranteeing a successful exhibition. To this end, we often cooperate with VCK Travel; our colleagues arrange the best tickets at the best prices. We do the same for the exhibition booth.”

Special situations frequently arise. “Both VCK Travel and VCK Airfreight have a special relationship with many international companies in the marine, dredging and offshore industries. Based on our long history with these industries and the knowledge we have acquired over the years, we not only arrange regular transportation, but also ad-hoc projects.” Says Aarsen.  “Last year, for instance, we transported two large ship generators from Italy to Singapore in an Antonov 124, one of the largest aircraft in the world,” says Aarsen. “These are very special projects!” In this case, Travel and Airfreight worked closely together: our project leader travelled along with the customer on the Antonov to supervise the transport.

VCK Airfreight and VCK Travel also work together, when luggage cannot be checked in by the traveller. In such cases, VCK Airfreight ensures that the luggage is brought as cargo on the same plane that VCK Travel booked for the passenger. This way, the complete package can be handled with by VCK. We arranged with VCK Travel that they issue tickets as soon as the freight booking has been confirmed. This is more convenient – and cheaper – for the customer.

VCK Airfreight also specialises in unusual transports. For example, pets – although some “pets” are rather more special than others! “We frequently arrange the transportation of living bee populations. These bees are deployed all over the world for biological disease control in crops. But we also transport living crabs, reptiles and fancy pigeons.” With this specialty in its portfolio, VCK Airfreight is a unique link in the logistic process. But even if you do not own fancy pigeons but simply want to take your dog with you on your holiday to Canada, we can arrange the ticket and help you with all the formalities regarding vaccinations and quarantine regulations.

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"An airline ticket for your … stuff…?"

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