Quick access to your travel details

CheckMyTrip gives you quick access to your travel details. You can also use our iPhone app AirGo-M.


  • Quickly and easily check the details of your booking with Check MyTrip: Click on the link in your travel scheme (see confirmation email). This will automatically take you to an online environment with all the details of your booking.
  • You can also use direct log-in (just enter your name and booking number).

AirGo-M (iPhone app)

Go to ‘My trips’ in the AirGo-M app and you will see:

  • An overview of booked flights, sorted by date
  • Information about departure and arrival times, status, flight numbers, ticket numbers, booking number, and any stop-overs and/or transfer times.

With AirGo-M, you can also:

  • Find and book trips
  • Easily share your trips on email, Facebook and Twitter
  • Check in online for a booked flight.

Booking directly through AirGo-M