Travelling requires extra preparations

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Even though the government is currently stressing its reluctance to travelling abroad, sometimes it is really necessary and there is no choice. This provides you with extra preparations because of COVID-19. But even if you still leave your business travellers at home, it is wise to start thinking about how you are going to organize your business travel.

Duty of care

Safety and security of your employees or business travellers were already an important issue, but this is emphasized by COVID-19. Although your Duty of Care was probably in good shape, it may now need to be further tuned to the new situation or it deserves an update. If you want to make sure that you are ready and have made all the preparations for your business travellers to go abroad safely. In order to fulfill your duty of care, you might want to think about the following:

  • Describing criteria when a trip is necessary and what the business traveller needs to meet in order to go abroad. For example, are there risk groups that should be excluded for their own good?
  • The criteria that a destination must meet so that your business travellers can stay abroad safely.
  • The information about the travelling employees. Do you have a complete overview when they are abroad, with flight details, hotel details and possibly car rental?
  • The accessibility of your business travellers abroad, also in areas where the internet connection is poor.
  • Business travellers may need a valid PCR test to get to the travelling country. This can be done through KLM Health Services, for example. Determine in advance whether they can claim these costs from you or whether you will facilitate the test.
  • Personal protective equipment or hygiene equipment, such as mouth caps and hand gel. Do you make these available to your travellers?
  • The procedure if the business traveller suspects that he has become ill during the trip.
  • Ensuring that any medical help knows who your traveller is and who they can contact if he suddenly becomes unavailable.
  • Access to the tracking tool that provides quick insight into the whereabouts of your employees. Who within your company has access to the tracking tool? Does this provide the possibility of 24×7 monitoring? Is this up to date or do more/other people need access?
  • Your emergency contact. Is this known to VCK Travel and up to date? This way we can always reach your company in case of an emergency or calamity.

Necessary travel

Trips abroad that are really necessary are possible and we are happy to help you with these sometimes complicated bookings. It should be taken into account that travel has become different due to all travel restrictions and the corona measures of the destination to be visited. Make sure that your business travellers are well informed so that they are well prepared.

  • VCK Travel offers a COVID-19 map with the travel restrictions and measures per country.
  • On you will find all travel advice from the government, including the latest changes. In Dutch.


Would you like to test your Duty of Care? Where you pay extra attention to the health of your business travellers? Then please contact our Account Management department. If you would like more information on how to deal with COVID-19 while travelling, please request our white paper. Would you like personal advice about a necessary booking? Please contact our Travel Consultants. We are here 24×7 to help you and book these business trips for you.

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"Travelling requires extra preparations"

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