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During the corona pandemic, sustainable aviation has become more into the spotlight. One effective way to reduce the carbon footprint is to replace fossil fuel with a sustainable fuel. This Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) is just not yet widely available. But you can help accelerate its use and production to contribute to the future of aviation.


SAF is made from renewable raw materials and is a sustainable alternative to fossil fuel. It mixes perfectly with traditional jet fuel and is suitable for all engines in all aircraft, without affecting operational processes. Emissions* are reduced by at least 75% compared to fossil fuel, thus SAF contributes to a circular economy. Unfortunately, SAF currently makes up only less than 0.1% of the roughly 300 million tons of jet fuel* used by commercial airlines.

KLM Corporate SAF Program

Join the KLM Corporate SAF Program to accelerate the use and production of SAF.

  • The program offers your company the opportunity to support the transition from fossil fuel to SAF.
  • In doing so, your organisation contributes directly to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Your participation in the program contributes to the image of your company.
  • In return for your support, your company will receive an annual customised Sustainability Report, containing the latest news and updates on the impact of your contribution.

Together, we can lay the foundation for more sustainable aviation, and with it, the future of travel. Contact our Support Department and find out how your company can participate in the KLM Corporate SAF Program.

*Source of this data is KLM

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