Innovations to travel safely

Opstarten van zakenreizen

We can look forward again now that the Dutch government has decided to lift the negative travel advisory for the whole world as of 15th May 2021. From now on a country-by-country travel advisory will be in place. A recent survey* shows that travellers also want to get on the road again, as soon as it is safe to travel.


This survey shows that 91% of travellers surveyed would agree to a digital health passport and that 41% would be willing to book a trip within six weeks of the restrictions being lifted. This survey was conducted in the Spring of 2021 among vacation and business travellers from various countries.

Helping with start-up

The rollout of global vaccination programs, the introduction of mandatory pre-travel testing, and a (mandatory) quarantine upon return are helping to kick-start safe travel during this corona pandemic. Several parties are also working on initiatives to restart international travel.

Travel advice

As of 15th May 2021, the negative travel advisories for the entire world have been changed, from now on each country will be considered whether they will receive a yellow or green travel advisory. Travel has become different than before the corona era. You should take into account the restrictions of the destination you are visiting during your business trip. It is possible that this country has certain entry restrictions for travellers from the Netherlands, or that there are corona measures in place at the airport, during the flight, in the taxi, at the hotel or at the meeting venue. However, the travel advisory may also turn orange again during your trip, due to an increasing number of destinations.

European corona passport

One project to get travel going again is the trial of the European corona passport (the Digital Green Certificate). This trial starts in early June and after that the corona passport should be available to everyone. With this digital passport on the smartphone, travellers can easily prove that they are not infectious, because they have been vaccinated, tested negative or have recently had corona. This should allow travel within Europe to resume without too many restrictions. The European corona passport will not be introduced permanently. Once the World Health Organization (WHO) declares the corona pandemic over, it will no longer be needed.


The International Air Transport Association (IATA) have also developed a tool. Travel Pass is a mobile application that allows travellers to store and manage evidence of COVID-19 testing or vaccinations. Travel restrictions for each destination are also present in the app. Currently, nearly 20 airlines are testing Travel Pass and travellers can download the app from the Apple App Store. It can only be used with the participating airlines taking part in the trial period. IATA plans to further expand the tool with various functionalities in the coming period. One of the plans is to even expand it in the future to include other vaccination certificates or adding other forms of identity such as a driver’s license.


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*Research was commissioned by Amadeus, February 2021.

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