Where to start in Madrid?

Organising an event, company party, business meeting or incentive trip? The Corporate Events team of VCK Travel will be happy to help you. What about a three-day trip to Madrid? It’s the perfect destination for your next incentive trip. Read on for a special experience in Madrid.

The beating heart

Madrid is the beating heart of Spain and also the capital of this magnificent country. Centuries-old traditions go hand in hand with the joys of modern-day life. Spanish flamenco and delicious tapas restaurants seamlessly coexist with hip clubs and design shops. It’s just one of the reasons why this is such a good destination for your next trip.

Enjoy the Spanish way of life here. Start the day with churros con chocolate at Chocolateria San Ginés, the oldest and most famous  chocolateria in Madrid. Life doesn’t get any better than this!

Go car

Then you will criss-cross the city by Go Car – a quaint yellow car with room for two people. All Go Cars are equipped with an iPad with navigation, which tells you exactly where you are and where you should go. You’ll follow a certain route, and a guide will tell you about the sights you pass. You won’t just follow the main streets, but will also be guided through narrow alleys, where normal cars can’t enter. Madrid is a great place for real city lovers, where you don’t really need to know where you’re going. Just enjoy the ride!

No time to hurry

In the afternoon, paella will be served on the patio of Restaurant Los Galayos. The Spanish are never in a hurry, especially when it comes to food. It may take some getting used to eating times in Madrid. Lunch starts no earlier than 1pm and may easily go on until 4pm! But this only makes it more enjoyable. After lunch, everyone gets time off to explore the city on foot.

In the evening, it’s time for a great dinner at a location that we’ll be happy to discuss with you. Please contact the Project Managers of our Corporate Events team, and we’ll be happy to give you some great options.

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