Warning: fake e-mails NS

We want to alert all travellers, that there are fake NS e-mails in circulation. In terms of design and content these mails look similar to the real NS e-mails, but these are fake. In these cases the NS name and logo are being abused, and fraudsters are trying to obtain personal information and data.

In such e-mails, called phishing or spam, the sender asks whether a traveller can provide personal information or click on a link. It is very important that all travellers are aware of this and remain alert to this type of fraud. When you receive a fake e-mail that seems like an e-mail from NS, you can report this via valse.emails@ns.nl. The NS would like to receive the e-mail with a description of the subject and the sender. Your report will be used to identify new fake e-mails and to alert other customers. The NS will present examples of the most recent fake e-mails on their own website, so you can check which e-mails are already known.

How do you recognise a fake email?

Cyber criminals are getting better and better at creating fake e-mails. Even so, they still make mistakes. Commonly occurring mistakes are:

  • The sender's e-mail address is not an official address used by NS
  • The link in the e-mail links to a website that does not belong to NS
  • The header is incorrect and the e-mail contains several spelling mistakes
  • The offer that is being made looks to good to be true, and it is

How can you recognise an e-mail or offer from NS?

You can recognise an e-mail or offer from NS by the sender address, which ends with ns.nl. In addition, all of the current offers are published on the NS website.

For questions or assistance in booking your train ticket, please contact our Travel Consultants. They are happy to assist you.

Source: NS

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