Travelling via Schiphol in the 1.5-m society

As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has recently taken all kinds of measures for a 1.5-metre society. This will allow you to (soon) start or end your business trip in a responsible manner, taking into account social distancing and avoiding direct contact as much as possible.

Corona measures at Schiphol

Schiphol attaches great importance to safety and health of everyone who travels through the airport and of everyone who works. The following measures, which should contribute to social distancing and in order to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus, are already implemented: 

  • Everywhere it is indicated how the traveller must keep a distance of 1.5 meters.
  • All waiting areas are equipped with lines and some of the seats in the waiting room are out of use so that there is a distance between passengers.
  • The check-in counters are occupied alternately and equipped with mudguards.
  • The gates are used alternately to promote dispersion and prevent crowding.
  • Each flight is given its own baggage belt, with the baggage carts spaced every 1.5 metres.
  • Personnel are provided with protective equipment and can wear, for example, mouth caps and gloves.
  • Facilities are extra cleaned and the toilets are equipped with disinfecting handles. It is also indicated at the toilets how you can keep your distance and you can enter with a limited number of people.
  • The opened shops and restaurants are also equipped with mudguards and the 1.5 meter distance and the maximum number of people in the rooms is taken into account.
  • The buses that take passengers to the planes are cleaned after each ride.

Health checks

It may happen that an airline asks you for a health certificate to be completed before boarding. For a small number of destinations there are health checks at the check-in desk and at the gate. Are you travelling from an area with a high risk of contamination and are you landing at Schiphol? Then you can be checked out by employees of the GGD. Is it possible to have a passenger on the plane with contagion? Then everyone on board will be according to a separate safety protocol escorted.

Schiphol indicates to be ready for the other half-metre society and scaling up the number of passengers travelling through the airport.

Do you have questions about how you can start up your business travel again? Please contact your Account Manager. If you would like to book a business trip, our Travel Consultants are ready to assist you. Send a mail and they will contact you.

Source: Schiphol

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"Travelling via Schiphol in the 1.5-m society"