Travel Managers want to have full service

Together we are slowly starting to get used to the ‘new normal’ where we still work at home as much as possible and have contact with colleagues and customers at a distance because of COVID-19. But sometimes you have (or your employee has) to be present at a foreign location or on board of a ship because the crew has to be replaced. In that case, it is important that you are fully and properly informed about the possibilities before and during a business trip. Crucial here are the terms and conditions of the various airlines, trains, hotels, but also the rules of the countries and destinations in which you are travelling. With our ‘Personal Touch’ where you have direct contact with one of our Travel Consultants, we are happy to help you and make the difference with our personal advice.

The helping hand

Despite all the advantages of digitization, when making a booking in an Online Booking Tool, you will only have very limited interaction and personalised advice is not possible. You expect also no different from an online tool, because it’s all about speed and the simplicity of the booking. But now, at this time with all the different corona restrictions and rules that change on a daily basis, is that personalised advice became more important. That is what Travel Managers recently mentioned in an Meeting of the Dutch Association for Travel Management (NATM). The Travel Managers agree that in a situation such as the corona crisis they are much more helped with a full service than with a booking tool.

As a customer, it will be of no use to you if it turns out that after a self-made online booking you hear or read that at entering the country you must first be quarantined for 14 days before you can really continue your business trip. A procurement trip with various destinations in Asia, for example, or a replacement of your crew in a faraway port is also not something you would use your online tool for.

As part of our full service, our Travel Consultants support and advise you 100% to make your travel plan as efficient as possible, without any surprises. They are truly your helping hand.

Always, 24 hours a day

If a booking has been made and a change is necessary after office hours or at the weekend, or you simply need help when you are on the road, you can always fall back on our 24×7 service. Our staff is also available outside office hours to help you face the challenge. One phone call to the known telephone number of your VCK Travel booking office and you already have a Travel Consultant on the phone. Our ‘Personal Touch’ as part of a complete service, that’s what you can expect from us.

Knowledge, knowledge and knowledge

Our Travel Consultants have excellent business knowledge to help you further in planning your business trip. By consulting the various news sources, they are fully aware of the latest conditions and constantly changing travel rules. For example, we are in daily contact with a large number of airlines, hotel chains and the NS (Dutch Railways) for national and international train journeys. All this knowledge is used when making your business trip. Something that is simply not possible with an online booking. Are you now also choosing our full service?


Are you, after reading this article, convinced that our full service might be better for you than a online booking tool in the current circumstances? Please contact the Sales department or make an appointment directly. They will be happy to tell you more about it and who knows, you might also book an appointment with VCK Travel if travel is possible again after the COVID-19 problem. We are always there for you, even now!

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"Travel Managers want to have full service"

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