Travel advice adjusted as of 15 June

The government has decided that from 15 June 2020, Dutch citizens will be able to travel again to a number of European countries, because for those countries the negative travel advice will be changed from code orange (only necessary travel) to code yellow. Code yellow does mean that there are still safety risks in those countries or areas that differ from what you are used to in the Netherlands. Prepare yourself for this and pay extra attention. However, the quarantine obligation for those countries will no longer apply, so as a returnee you will not have to stay at home for two weeks.

Travel from 15 June

The adapted travel advice covers the countries Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Estonia, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Portugal, Slovenia and the Caribbean part of the Kingdom. For the other countries, ‘only necessary travel’ still applies and a decision will be made about this later.

The adjusted travel advice is from the Dutch government. This does not mean that other countries have the same rules and measures as the Netherlands. Prepare yourself well. If you do have to travel to another country where code orange applies in connection with health risks, the government advises to only do so if there is no other option and to go into home quarantine for two weeks after your return. Also check with your travel insurance, because it is possible that code orange means that travel insurance is not covered.

Booking a business trip?

For many business travellers it has been some time since they travelled abroad, so there may be questions about how safe business travel really is. Take good care of your business travellers, give them clear instructions, provide them with protective equipment and make sure that only healthy travellers go on the road. We will book your business trips the way you are used to and hopefully they will be back on the road soon. Of course at VCK Travel we keep a close eye on all updates and are in daily contact with major airlines to provide you with up-to-date information. Please contact contact with our Travel Consultants for more information or your booking.

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"Travel advice adjusted as of 15 June"