Train traffic back to normal schedule

Train traffic back to normal schedule

The various travel restrictions that have been – and still are – in place in recent months as a result of the coronavirus COVID-19 have not only virtually brought air traffic to a standstill, but public transport is also operating according to an adjusted timetable. This applies to both national and international traffic. Most international train services have been shortened or even cancelled altogether. But this will change in the short term. Business travel by train will be restarted.

National timetable

From 1 June 2020, train traffic and other public transport in the Netherlands will once again operate according to the regular timetable. Wearing a mouth shield in the tram, bus or train will be compulsory from this date.

International timetables

NS has announced that international train traffic will once again increase. The ICE, the IC Berlin and the IC Brussels will run according to the regular timetable again from the beginning of June. Earlier, the route of the IC Brussels had been shortened to Rotterdam – Antwerp, the ICE drove four times a day and the Thalys only once a day to Brussels. This is also going to change. From 9 June 2020, Thalys will once again operate twice a day between Amsterdam and Brussels and twice a day between Amsterdam and Paris. It is still unclear exactly when the Eurostar will start up and with how many trains, probably in July.

Measures and social distancing

Wearing a mouth cap is always compulsory when travelling by train, both on the platforms and in the trains. There is also no catering on board the trains. Of course, we work hard behind the scenes to make the necessary adjustments so that you or your business travellers can travel safely by train again. In addition, the NS has indicated that it wishes to maintain a maximum occupancy of 40%. That is why all NS trains are stickered and only the window seats in the train are available. Tests are also being carried out to be able to use an app as a passenger to register yourself in busier trains.

Sustainable travel

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and the accompanying coronary measures, we can well imagine that you will also start thinking about sustainable business travel now that the air is cleaner because fewer aircraft can be used. We only encourage sustainable business travel and this can be done in various ways. For example, your business trip by train can be a more sustainable alternative. Sometimes the travel time with an international train is almost as fast as an airplane or maybe just a little longer. But then the value of sustainability prevails, doesn’t it? Our Account Manager can tell you more about this and draw up a sustainable travel policy together with you. In addition, NS has already indicated how it deals with social distancing (see above). After all, a better environment starts with yourself, and perhaps now is the time to give that some thought.

Would you like to book a business trip by train, which is also a more sustainable alternative? Please contact our Travel Consultants so that they can further advise you on the travel restrictions and booking your business trip. They will be happy to help you. Right now.

Source: NS

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"Train traffic back to normal schedule"