Too early to start planning for Christmas?

December and January are both busy months, with loads of drinks parties, Christmas parties, end-of-year parties, New Year’s receptions and so on. How did you arrange this last year? And have you thought about this year’s Christmas party yet? It may seem a bit early to do so, but nothing could be further from the truth. Our Project Managers of the Corporate Events team will be happy to help.

Your wish is our command

VCK Travel’s Corporate Events team organises incentive trips, conferences and meetings, but is also an excellent partner for your company party. They have a suitable location for every purpose, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Of course, everything will be entirely in line with your wishes and requirements. The programme of the party can also be tailored to your preferences.

Remise in The Hague

Last December, our Project Managers organised a Christmas party for 250 employees, including hotel accommodation for those who wanted it. At the beginning of the evening, buses took guests from the hotel to the party location: the Remise in The Hague. The Hague was a conscious choice, because the company has seven offices throughout the country and The Hague is the most centrally located. The location was also easy to reach by public transport. The Remise is a beautiful national monument with a rich history. In 1989, the building became the home of The Hague Public Transport Museum. This is still visible, with old trams in the same space as the party area. This, combined with live music, resulted in a great atmosphere. The room was decorated in Christmas style, and delicious snacks were served throughout the evening – from chicken and vegetable skewers to the famous Dutch ‘bitter balls’. Guests could either order drinks at the open bar or take them off the trays taken round by the service staff. At midnight, a bus took guests back to the station, enabling staff who weren’t staying overnight to get back home by train. At 01:00, the buses took everyone back to their hotel.

Always something to celebrate

This is just an example of what we can arrange. There’s always something to celebrate; a Christmas party, an anniversary party or another festive occasion. And your party could be anything from just one evening in the Netherlands to three days abroad. Organizing it may be quite a challenge, from combining the right location with a good programme to getting the logistics right. That’s why it’s never too early to start planning!

The Corporate Events team of VCK Travel can deal with it all. They’ll be happy to help you make your event a great success. Make an appointment here for an introductory meeting or for more information.

(Note: The described example was before the outbreak of COVID-19. A Christmas or end of year celebration will now look different and we will stick to the set guidelines).

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"Too early to start planning for Christmas?"

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