Solar panels on All Weather Terminal VCK Group

At the beginning of this year, KiesZon, a sustainable energy supplier that realizes large solar power projects for companies, supplied the All Weather Terminal of VCK Group at the Scandia Terminal in Amsterdam with 1890 solar panels.

With the installation of these panels, the 100 meter long, 30 meter wide and 25 meter high Terminal has been transformed into a sustainable power plant. The capacity of the solar panels is 500.000 kilowatts per year and this means, that from now on, at least 50% of all the energy used by the VCK Group comes from these solar panels. Since the installation of the panels in January 2018, 9.287 kg of CO2 emissions have been avoided. This corresponds to, for example, 1.164 liters of fuel, 1.608 m2 of gas or 1.733 kilos of coal. The vision of VCK Group for the creation of a sustainable power plant on the Terminal, is to consciously deal with the environment wherever possible and to minimize the ecological footprint of our organization in the future.

What is an All Weather Terminal?
An All Weather Terminal is a terminal that allows sea-going vessels carrying weather-sensitive cargo, such as paper and steel, to keep their cargo dry while transferring it to other forms of transport, whatever the weather. These terminals comprise a large canopy over the quay and water, with an opening on both sides to allow vessels to pass in and out. At the top of the canopy is a crane, which can move along the full length and breadth of the terminal to assist with loading and unloading cargo. The All Weather Terminal of VCK group is equipped with a transhipment crance with a capacity of 50 tonnes. With this All Weather Terminal, Amsterdam is the largest provider of covered transhipment in Europe.

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"Solar panels on All Weather Terminal VCK Group"

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