Refunds and compensation for connecting flights

We regularly book a connecting flight with a different airline in a single booking at the request of our customer. This can have several advantages, as it may be cheaper or quicker. When making such a booking, our Travel Consultants will inform you if this combination of flights is possible, given the minimum connection time determined for this route.

Missed connection

Suppose your first flight is delayed, causing you to miss the second flight. What now? If you have separate tickets with different airlines, you will have to buy a new ticket yourself, as the two airlines are not responsible for your missed connection. This ticket may be very expensive. To avoid these extra costs, you need to be aware of the time you need to make a connecting flight. Of course, we will advise you on this as best we can.


If your first flight is delayed substantially, you may, in some cases, be entitled to compensation under the EU Regulation. Even if this happens outside the EU. The airline that operated the first flight should then bear the costs. If you wish, we can assist you in this for a small fee.

Do you have questions about responsibilities, rights and compensation? Or would you like to book a ticket? Please contact our Travel Consultants or visit our website.

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"Refunds and compensation for connecting flights"

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