Rapid test locations abroad


In addition to the mandatory PCR test with a negative result, in place since 23rd January 2021, you also need an antigen test if you want to fly to the Netherlands from a country or area with an increased risk due to COVID-19. This antigen test is also called the rapid test. You must undergo this rapid test at least 4 hours before departure.

Unfortunately, not all airports in the world have the facilities to perform this test and this can cause practical problems. Therefore, on the website of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ‘Nederland Wereldwijd’, there is a handy list of locations per country where you can have a PCR and rapid test done.

Click here to open the list with rapid test locations.

Travelling has not become easier with COVID-19, with the constantly changing rules and restrictions. You can always contact our Travel Consultants, who will assist you in organising your business travel.

(Photo: Schiphol Airport)

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