Qatar Airways updates

Qatar Airways has recently introduced a new in-flight dining experience, called ‘Quisine’. This was designed to lift the culinary experience of business travellers to a whole new level when they fly with this airline.

The ‘green’ kitchen

The meals are about 25 to 50 percent larger and there is more emphasis on the use of local, fresh and healthy ingredients that are also seasonal. This is expressed by the airline’s slogan ‘Going green with Quisine’. In the new Economy Class menu, the airline uses more recyclable, reusable and biodegradable products to reduce single-use plastic.

State-of-the-art OnAir mobile service

Economy Class passengers enjoy an in-flight entertainment system with more than 4,000 choices during the flight. The onboard WiFi service enables you to get some work done or stay in touch with your colleagues or family. Qatar Airways’ state-of-the-art OnAir mobile service allows you to stay online during the flight. All passengers receive one hour of free WiFi on Qatar Airways flights from Amsterdam.

Would you like to experience Qatar Airways’ new meals or the OnAir mobile service? Contact our Travel Consultants, and they’ll be happy to book your ticket for you!

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