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Precautions for your business trip

Since Monday 15 June 2020, the travel advice for various countries has been adjusted from code orange to code yellow. Which countries this concerns can be read in this article. More and more countries will be added in the coming period. This does not mean that you are free to travel without taking various precautions in advance (and during) your trip.

Code yellow

Code yellow means that there are still safety risks in those countries or areas that deviate from what you are used to in the Netherlands or from the period before the COVID-19 outbreak. These destinations are open for business trips. However, before departure your business travellers must take some precautions such as the health declaration, mouth caps and PCR test. Read more below.


All passengers flying from a Dutch airport must bring a health certificate. This certificate is easy to download online and does not need to be obtained through a doctor. Go to the RIVM website or download the ‘Health Screening Form’. Print it out before you start your business trip, fill it out truthfully and take it with you to the airport.

Mouth cap

It is required at the airport to wear a non-medical cap during check-in, security check, boarding and during the flight itself. Make sure that your business travellers bring these themselves, as the airlines often do not provide them. Think of both the outward and the return trip, so one mouth cap is not enough. Mouth caps should be replaced every 4 hours for a new one, or sooner if it has become too moist. If travellers have forgotten their mouth caps after all, they can also be bought at various points at Schiphol Airport, including airport pharmacies and chemists.


Some countries make it a requirement for passengers to be able to show a COVID PCR test with a negative result. A PCR test is also used by the GGD for people with complaints. The conditions for these tests may vary from country to country. Think for example of the period of validity and the language of the certificate. Please check the website of ‘Netherlands worldwide’. For more information about the PCR tests we refer to the RIVM website. KLM Health Services also provides the COVID-19 PCR tests. They do this at various locations, including Amsterdam Airport Schiphol at Departure Hall 2. This test costs €179 and the results will be sent by e-mail within 24 hours.


Always check carefully before departure what precautions apply to the destination. This can be done by downloading the Reisapp from Foreign Affairs. The travel advices can change per week and per region. Therefore, keep an eye on them when the traveller is already at the destination.

Do you have any questions about the precautions your business travellers can take? Please contact contact with our Travel Consultants, they will be happy to help you.

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