Our added value in the corona era

The corona era does not mean that we sit still at VCK Travel. No, the opposite is true. Because the world of travel is currently a jumble of information with the various entry bans and which airline flies or does not fly, we help our clients with these complex issues and take care of business travel.

Complex challenges

As a Marine Travel specialist, we recently had to deal with a complex redemption of a 150-man crew in Halifax, Canada. We have to take into account many different nationalities for this type of booking, for which special entry visas are required.

As is well known, the borders with Canada and the USA are closed to regular air traffic. Only a few destinations can be flown. Fortunately, there is an exception for seafarers, but then there must also be an airline that still flies to the destination.

VCK Travel made sure that the new crewmembers from all kinds of countries have flown to Schiphol, and then left for Canada with a rented charter to relieve the crew there. When all this was done and the flight was halfway, the message came in that it was not allowed to land anyway. The aircraft was turned around to Schiphol and in the meantime, in consultation with the client, we booked the sailors for flights to another destination, where a crew was also waiting to be relieved.

Always with our Personal Touch

In the middle of the night our Marine Travel Consultants were able to assist under great time pressure. This is our added value, because under the current circumstances this requires a lot of experience and insight.

We are at your service 24×7

Do you also need help with the repatriation of your employees because this is necessary in this situation or when booking a trip because you really need to travel on a business basis? Send your VCK Travel booking office an e-mail and our Travel Consultants will be happy to help you. Even if it’s outside office hours, with our 24×7 service we are always there for you!

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"Our added value in the corona era"