New tariff structure KLM to the US and Canada

In December 2017 KLM introduced a new Economy Class fare structure for flights to the United States and Canada. The new tariff structure consists three types of tariffs: Light, Standard and Standard Plus.

For the cheapest tariff type, the Light fare, check-in baggage is no longer included in the ticket price and the passenger is only allowed to bring carry-on luggage on board of the airplane. With the second tariff type, the Standard fare, the traveller is allowed to check in one piece of luggage of 23 kg. For travellers booking an Economy Standard Plus ticket, a baggage allowance of 23 kg. is included and it is possible to change the flight date free of charge. The price of a Light fare ticket is up to € 80 cheaper than the two other fare types. When the Light fare is booked, it is possible to add check-in baggage to the booking for an additional fee. However, the final ticket price will then be higher than the price of the Standard rate.

For journeys from 10 April 2018 it is possible to apply for a refund for the amount that is paid for the first piece of check-in baggage, when a ticket is changed from the Light fare to the Standard fare. The possibility to request a refund only applies to the first piece of check in baggage that has been purchased at the airport. When multiple pieces of baggage have been checked in, the refund request will only be accepted for the first luggage item. From 10 April 2018, this tariff structure will apply to all flights to the United States and Canada. The new tariff structure will also be introduced by Delta Airways, Air France and Alitalia. For more information about the new rate structure or assistance in booking your flight ticket, please contact our Travel Consultants. They will be happy to assist you.

Source: KLM

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"New tariff structure KLM to the US and Canada"

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