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New hand baggage policy at easyJet from February 10, 2021

Zakenreiziger met bagage

From 10 February 2021, passengers may only take one small bag free of charge as hand baggage in the cabin. For the rest, a surcharge will be charged, also for the roll case. The seat that has been booked will then determine which baggage may be taken on board.

Policy adjustment

According to easyJet, the current policy of allowing two pieces of hand baggage to be taken free of charge often causes congestion and delays. The rules for hand baggage are therefore being adjusted. With this they want to improve the boarding process and punctuality. It also gives the traveller certainty about what is allowed on board.

Free on board

For travel from 10 February 2021, each traveller may take one small piece of hand baggage free of charge. The maximum dimensions are 45 x 36 x 20 cm (including handles or wheels) and it must fit under the seat in front of it. The airline believes that this should be sufficient to carry all the necessities for a trip or a short trip. There is no weight limit, but the bag must be self-lifting and portable.

Other chairs

For a booked seat with extra legroom or a more expensive seat in the front row, it is possible to take an extra large piece of hand baggage on board. The maximum size of this piece of baggage is 56 x 45 x 25 cm (including handles or wheels) and must fit in the baggage compartment above the seats.

Baggage regulations

Important changes that you, as a business traveller, will have to deal with during an easyJet flight. Would you like more information about the baggage rules of easyJet or other airlines? We offer this on our website at ‘Travel Info‘ with a handy overview of the ANVR.

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"New hand baggage policy at easyJet from February 10, 2021"

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